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Special spindles

Even if you only need a relatively small quantity, we are your partner for custom solutions and innovative spindles. Whether you need spindles for true running tasks, for custom grinding requirements, or for test bays - we have the right spindle for your application. If not, we can very quickly produce a custom-tailored concept from our portfolio that meets your needs.

Simply advise your specific requirements, and we will send you a technical draft together with an offer for the number of items you requested.

Examples of custom spindles that we have already produced:


Grinding spindle with flange holder A6 for large grinding discs. An automatic weight balancing system can be implemented in the spindles. With encoder for standstill monitoring.




Spindles for the profiling and alignment of grinding discs. The spindles are pressurized with sealing air as a protective measure for the ball bearings. The ball bearings are grease-lubricated and are thus maintenance-free. The spindle is water-cooled for optimal thermal stability.



Examples for high-performance motors used in test bays. The shaft ends are designed according to customer specifications. Our motors are specialized to meet requirements for high rotational speed while providing high performance.