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Our repair service meets highest quality demands and ensures that your product corresponds with the attributes of a new spindle after the repair. You can trust our technological expertise.

Service MotorspindelnReckerth repair service from evaluation to delivery:

The spindle requiring repair is delivered, dismantled and examined. A detailed repair and action report summarizes the results together with a cost estimate.

Analysis technology
All individual rotation-symmetrical components are checked and calibrated utilizing state-of-the-art measuring technology.

Upon approval of the costs, the problem is addressed and solved immediately, even for spindles of other manufacturers. Thanks to our company-internal grinding and turning shop, the repair time is reduced to a minimum.

Final assembly
As a result of the spatial separation of damage analysis and final assembly in the clean room, we guarantee highest quality standards during the handover.

Quality control
The fine-tuning of the balancing and test runs with protocols for the customer are carried out in this phase. In a separate break-in room, we run every spindle up to the final speed prior to the delivery to the customer.

The quality of a repaired spindle corresponds with that of a new spindle. A repaired spindle carries a warranty of 6 months.